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Natural Products

We supply a great selection of eco friendly products: Sisal, Hemp, Jute and Coir are but a few.

Coir Collection

Coir is made out of coconut fibre and is one of the most versatile materials ever extracted from Mother nature, the husks contain elastic and extremely strong fibers. These husks are harvested and soaked for many months, and then beaten, washed and dried. Finally, the fibers are spun into yarn. The natural colour of coir is golden brown to reddish brown and is suited for rustic environments. Coir fibre is 100 % organic, biodegradable, ethnic and hygienic. It is hard and strong, resistant to rot, moulds and moisture.

There is also an aesthetic aspect associated with coir, making it a perfect decorative natural carpeting material. It is a fashion statement as a popular decor accessory in homes and in commercial areas. More importantly unlike synthetic rugs and carpeting, coir rugs and carpeting give ones feet the right warmth in winter and cool feel in summer. Coir carpets can be fitted into any area of your home including kitchens and bathrooms, and is a very durable hard wearing floor covering.

We offer a wide range of coir carpets and rugs that is professionally fitted to a 1000gram of underlay in accordance with stringent ISO 9000 standards. All standard coir rugs and carpets are latex backed. We also offer hand-knotted double-thick coir boucl rugs. Coir carpeting comes in boucl, panama, diamond and herringbone weaves.

Hemp Collection

Our hemp rugs and carpets are made from 100% imported Indian fabric and offered at a very attractive price so that you can easily outfit every room in your house sustainably.

Warm and cozy underfoot, our hemp rugs and carpets are rustic, charming, and as pure as the hemp itself.

We offer our hemp rugs and carpets in various sizes and styles including panama 4x4, panama 2x2 and boucl weaves, fringed or tucked ends - according to the customers requirements, reversible mats are also available. Our throw rug doubles nicely as a cozy and inexpensive bath mat. All of our rugs and carpets are hand woven in India in accorance with ISO 9000 certifications. All hemp rugs and flooring are latex backed.

Colour Variation on the Natural fibres occur due to weaving irregularities and seasonal growing conditions.

Sisal Collection

Sisal is made from the leaf of an Agave plant which is family to the cactus plant. Sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers. The fibers are extracted by crushing the pulpy leaf, washed, dried and graded before being spun into yarn. Sisal is well known for the great durability of its yarns and does not build up static nor trap dust. The natural colour of Sisal is an off white and thus all Sisals are dyed with vegetable dyes.

Sisal carpets and wall coverings have been widely used for decades thus still making it a perfect rug in your home or installing it wall to wall. Our range of Sisal is the biggest in our collection with various colours and weaves. Depending on the weave some sisal will feel a lot softer under foot than others. Sisal is recommended for any area in your home, except bathrooms and kitchens; reason being sisal will shrink with lots of water being put on it. Spot removal involves the use of a dry cleaning powder.


Seagrass carpet is an entirely natural product, grown and produced in the paddy fields of China, which are flooded with seawater during crop season. The seagrass is collected by hand and sundried, then spun into cords which are woven into the designs used for floor coverings.

As a carpet, seagrass is smooth and shiny, and can therefore be used in lots of different places around your home. Due to its shiny, sometimes slippery, surface it is best to avoid covering stairways in seagrass for safety reasons.

In comparison to all natural fibres, seagrass is cheaper yet versatile. Due to the surface of the seagrass it is not the softest to walk on. Seagrass carpet is said to reduce noise. We are able to install Seagrass wall to wall as well as custom made rugs.

We stock our seagrass in roll form 4m wide latex backed. This is a chinese product and therefore has a sponge latex with decreases the price in comparison to that of Sisal, Coir and Jute/Hemp. We also offer seagrass in a square form 30cm x 30cm (estimated) and this can be made into any size in multiples of 30cm. This option cannot be fitted wall to wall.

Double Thick Jute

Double Thick Jute Rugs are made from the same fibre as Hemp. These rugs are available in standard sizes; this is a cheaper option than having a customized hemp rug made up. The majority of these rugs are reversible; therefore they do not have a latex backing, neither a border. There are a few sizes that are latex backed with no border. We stock three colours namely Natural Gold, Natural Silver and 2Tone. Below is a table of the various sizes we stock.

All Natural Fibres work on weight and thus there will be variance in pricing. We only stock the highest weight per sq./m that is on offer in these rugs.

Available sizes (cm)

60 X 90, 60 X 140, 80 X 120, 90 X 150, 120 X 180, 140 X 200, 150 X 200, 180 X 200, 160 X 230, 200 X 300, 230 X 270, 300 X 400, 80 X 200, 80 X 300, 80 X 400, 80 X 500 and 80 x 600.

Cleaning your Natural Flooring

  •     Regular vacuming and cleaning is required.
  •     A thorough cleaning with a dry powder is recommended every 6 months, depending how much traffic it receives.
  •     Sprinkle the dry powder onto the carpet, leave for a while and vacuum.

We has have developed specially formulated powder that can help in the cleaning of ones carpets. It is meant to clean a dirty rug and not comment bleached marks. The powder is an eco- friendly mixture. Although we have a good track record, we do not claim that our powder will clean all stains.

For more information on the powder and some other tricks to help in tackling a dirty rug please contact us.

Cleaning Instructions for Natural Fibres

The colour and quality of natural fibres are best maintained when placed in a totally covered environment. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause the rug to fade and deteriorate in time.

For Spills: (Hemp & Sisal)

  •     Take a dry cloth and blot up excess liquid.
  •     Clean immediately with a clean moist cloth (do not scrub)
  •     For general soiling dry or powder clean only.
  •     You can use foam of a carpet shampoo (Nothing with Bleaching agent) do not use water. (Do not saturate the rug with water, Sisal will shrink when wet)
  •     Always use soft bristle brush.
  •     If any oil or salad dressing spills do not use water, use dry powder.
  •     Leave to dry DO NOT leave it to dry in direct sunlight, especially the dyed fibres e.g. Hemp Ash as it will fade.

To Clean Coir

  •     You can use a little sunlight liquid in water and use a soft bristle brush to scrub the area
  •     Coir can get wet, Leave to Dry (Do not expose to heavy sunlight)
  •     You can use a cleaning powder or cleaning liquid, make sure there are no bleaching agents.
  •     If any oil or salad dressing spills no not use water, use dry powder.
  •     If Coir has a bleached mark, you can use a wet tea bag and blot it to stain.

NB: All Natural fibres are not guaranteed to be stain proof or dog urine resistant,

We cannot guarantee that our cleaning agent will clean all stains, however we do have a good track record from customers feedback.

Natural Fiber Rug Care & Maintenance

Natural fibers are a beautiful and easy-to-live-with addition to any home. Caring for a Hemp/Jute Rug is no different than caring for other rugs, fine fabrics and furniture in your home. In our Care & Maintenance Guides, you will find tips and guidelines on how to care for your new rug. With proper care and maintenance, your Hemp/Jute rug will bring beauty and enjoyment to your home for many years.


Natural fiber rugs may experience "sprouting" which is when small fibers stick up from the rug some time after installation. Sprouting is common with rugs made from shorter fibers that are loosely woven.

Sprouting occurs with predominately jute fibers. Jute fibers are short when compared to sisal fibers, and because our jute rugs are made from handspun jute yarn, the short fibers have a natural tendency to pop out. This is part of the natural character of these rugs, which are also hand-braided and hand-sewn.