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Rugs & Mats

Our range also consists of Coir Brush Mats (door mats); Woolen Kelims; Oriental Rugs(Gabbes and Sherapis); Camel Hair Rugs; Leather Shaggis; Toilet Sets; Place Mats; Double Thick Juts Rugs.

Rug weaving

Rug weaving is an ancient craft and although some modern rugs are still hand-made to the highest standards, there has been a proliferation of machine-made rugs using all types of fibres. Machine-made rugs are generally more affordable and, because of the variation in designs and colours, are used extensively in all forms of decoration.


Coir is made out of coconut fibre and is one of the most versatile materials ever extracted from Mother nature, the husks contain elastic and extremely strong fibers.

These husks are harvested and soaked for many months, and then beaten, washed and dried. Finally, the fibers are spun into yarn.

The natural colour of coir is golden brown to reddish brown and is suited for rustic environments. Coir fibre is 100 % organic, biodegradable, ethnic and hygienic. It is hard and strong, resistant to rot, moulds and moisture.


Sisal is made from the leaf of an Agave plant which is family to the cactus plant. Sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers.

The fibers are extracted by crushing the pulpy leaf, washed, dried and graded before being spun into yarn. Sisal is well known for the great durability of its yarns and does not build up static nor trap dust.

The natural colour of Sisal is an off white and thus all Sisals are dyed with vegetable dyes.


Our hemp rugs and carpets are made from 100% imported Indian fabric and offered at a very attractive price so that you can easily outfit every room in your house sustainably.

Warm and cozy underfoot, our hemp rugs and carpets are rustic, charming, and as pure as the hemp itself.

We offer our hemp rugs and carpets in various sizes and styles including panama 4x4, panama 2x2 and boucl weaves, fringed or tucked ends - according to the customers requirements, reversible mats are also available. Our throw rug doubles nicely as a cozy and inexpensive bath mat.

Quality Assurance & Notes

  • All of our rugs and carpets are hand woven in India in accorance with ISO 9000 certifications.
  • All hemp rugs and flooring are latex backed.
  • Colour Variation on the Natural fibres occur due to weaving irregularities and seasonal growing conditions.